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About Hiring Commercial Movers To Relocate Your Office

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If you are relocating your call center to a larger building, you might want to get help from a commercial moving company to get the task done more efficiently. Below, discover helpful information about hiring a commercial moving company so you can decide if it is a worthy investment or not.

How Can Commercial Movers Relocate an Office Efficiently?

The first thing that makes hiring a commercial moving service an efficient way to relocate your office is that there will be multiple movers working at a time. The commercial moving equipment that will be used for the task will make relocation more efficient. For instance, the movers will use commercial dollies that are larger than the average ones that are typically sold to the general public. Getting the cubicles into the moving truck will also be done efficiently, as the movers will disassemble them in a speedy manner. Large pieces of furniture and office equipment will also be disassembled before they are transported to the moving truck.

Can Commercial Movers Assist at the New Office Building?

Getting your office equipment and furniture setup in the new building will be easy because commercial movers can take care of the task. All of the items that were disassembled at the old office building will be reassembled for you and placed in the area of the office that they belong in. The movers will also assist you will arranging the cubicles if you desire the help. Another great service that you can take advantage of is assistance with unpacking all of your office supplies. The movers can also put files in filing cabinets for you, as well as assist with hanging art on the walls (if you have any).

What is a Commercial Moving Company Estimated to Charge?

Getting help from a commercial moving company to relocate an office depends on the square footage of the building or space being packed up. The amount of equipment, supplies and furniture that you have in the office will also play a role in what you are charged. It is estimated that you will be charged at least $750 or more for an office that is 1,500 square feet. You can also be charged based on truckload or the number of employees that you have. Speak to a commercial moving company, such as Father & Son Moving & Storage, to reserve a date for them to help with relocating your office! You might be able to move in a more professional manner.