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Four Commercial Storage Options To Meet Your Unique Needs

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Commercial storage is not only large enough accommodate the great many things you hope to stash in it, but it also provides for some unique commercial needs. You are not just limited to traditional outdoor storage. Here are four commercial storage options that may meet your unique needs.

Cold Storage

Cold storage is commercial storage inside a freezer or refrigerated unit. It is well-insulated and sealed off to prevent rodents and pests from entering the unit. You can adjust the temperature to several degrees below freezing, or a few degrees above, but the effect is the same. It keeps things that need to be cold, cold. Often, grocers and restauranteurs will use cold storage to stockpile food for their businesses when they do not have enough warehouse space, dock space or walk-in freezer space to store it. However, cold storage can be used to store a lot of other things that require a constant chilly temperature to remain preserved and/or stable.

Heated Storage

If you already live and work in a part of the country where it gets cold for several months, you may need the opposite type of storage-- heated storage. Heated storage, like cold storage, is temperature-controlled, but instead of being chilly or frozen all the time, heated storage keeps your belongings at a nice even temperature well above freezing but below sweltering. Items that cannot tolerate extreme temperature swings and/or need to remain at constant room temperature (e.g., antiques, artwork, etc.) are often stored in heated storage. Heated storage is often combined with another type of specialty storage-- indoor storage.

Indoor Storage

Most commercial storage units are outdoor units, meaning that they are part of a long building of units located and accessible from outside. A few moving and storage companies offer commercial customers indoor storage, which places the access doors for all of their storage units inside a building. Here, you can enjoy more security features: renters-only access to the building's doors, security cameras, security guards and locked, padlocked and/or key coded touchpad access to your storage units. You can also take advantage of the fact that these units are almost always well-lit and temperature-controlled, features that are only found on some outdoor commercial storage units.

Humidity-Controlled Storage

The level of humidity in a building plays a large part in preserving art and keeping electronics dry. Humidity control, therefore, in your choice of storage units may also be essential to your needs. Humidity controls on commercial storage is more often available with heated storage and indoor storage, so if you need the humidity controlled in your units, you may want to ask your moving and storage company if this is an option that they offer.

To learn more about your options, speak with a commercial storage company like A To Z Storage Center.