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How To Help Your Parrot Through A Move

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association there are 8.3 million pet birds living in the United States. Having a parrot can be a great form of companionship, but moving with a bird can be challenging.

If you want to help your bird transition through a move with as little stress as possible, here are three suggestions to keep in mind.

1. Make sure your bird's cage is set up at your new home before moving with your bird.

Birds are influenced by their environment, and environmental changes could cause a bird to experience more stress than usual. Because your parrot's cage serves as his or her territory, it's essential that the cage is set up before you move your bird into your new home.

The sense of familiarity the cage provides will help your parrot feel more secure in his or her new surroundings and reduce the likelihood that stress-related behaviors (like feather pulling) will manifest themselves.

2. Plan to take some time off work after the move is complete so your parrot doesn't have to adjust to your new home alone.

Parrots are extremely social creatures, and can usually be found living as part of a flock in the wild. If you don't have other birds around for your parrot to interact with, you will become a representation of the flock for your parrot.

A bird will be better able to adjust to new surroundings when within the safety of its flock. By planning to take a few days off of work after your move is complete, you will be home to help your parrot begin feeling comfortable in his or her new environment.

3. Avoid placing a cover over your parrot's cage while professional movers are in your home.

Packing up a house can cause quite a commotion, and many people rely on professional movers for assistance. While having strangers in your home can be beneficial when it comes to moving quickly, the presence of new people can cause your bird to experience stress.

When you cover your bird's cage, you essentially create a visual barrier between your bird and the outside world. This visual barrier won't calm your bird, it will simply agitate him or her further because the activities of professional movers will be heard but not seen. Make sure that you keep the room your bird's cage is in as quiet as possible, and move your bird's cage to the new home last to prevent exposure to too much commotion.

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