Checking Your Storage Unit For Issues

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A Few Tips To Ensure Your Storage Facility Rental Goes Well

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When you realize that you have more belongings than will fit in your home comfortably, you must decide what to do with it all. You could, of course, overstuff the attic, basement and garage so you have to pull out numerous boxes to get to the item you need. Another alternative is to buy a storage shed. However, if you want to keep your items in a secure, climate controlled environment, consider renting a unit at a storage facility. To ensure you have a good experience, and do not regret your decision or the money spent, here are a few tips.

Put Down Pallets

Most facilities have the ground slope downward, away from the units. However, you can never be sure a neighboring unit won't have some type of liquid spill that seeps under the walls. In addition, deep snow or water from melting icicles may find a way under the door. To best protect everything from water damage, put pallets down on the entire floor.

Location and Hours

Consider where the facility is located. Will you often be going to the unit while on your way home from work? If so, you want to be sure it is located between home and work. You do not want to drive out of the way to get there. Another consideration is the hours you will have access to your unit. Some places are accessible 24 hours a day, while others may lock the gate at some time in the evening. If you will be going late at night or very early in the morning, make sure the facility will allow you access.

Label and Pack Correctly

Make sure each box is labeled with its contents. If the contents need to be listed individually, put a generic label on the box and then secure a detailed list of the contents to it. Arrange the boxes, or items, according to the generic label. Have all Christmas decorations in one area, and all winter clothes nearby. As you pull out the winter items, you will have space to store the autumn things. Leave yourself room to walk around, even if it means getting a slightly larger unit.

The closets in your home should not be stuffed to the top with items you are not going to be using for months. You don't want to go into the basement to get out the Christmas lights to find they have all been sitting in an inch of water. Even if your storage areas at home are completely weather-proof, they are not people-proof. Your spouse and kids may decide to go looking for something and end up opening boxes and strewing things around. When you rent a unit at a storage facility, you keep everyone from going through boxes on a whim. Visit a storage facility like Island Movers today.