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Don't Begin Your Pre-Move Packing Without These Three Supplies

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Gone are the days in which you prepare for a move by visiting your local supermarket and asking for a selection of boxes for packing -- only to be given a pile of boxes that are torn and often contain vegetable residue. Today, a far better strategy is to go to a moving and storage business and browse the multitude of professional-quality packing supplies that will make your move much easier. With a treasure trove of options in front of you, don't get intimidated by the selection. While a shop employee can guide you through the process of picking up what you'll need, be sure to grab these three valuable packing supplies.

Poster Tubes

While standard-sized boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape can be the solution to the majority of your household items, you're often presented with a challenge when it comes to packing up posters and other similar-sized items. Don't make the mistake of laying them on top of something during the move and hoping they won't get damaged. Instead, buy a handful of appropriately sized poster tubes. These cylindrical boxes are inexpensive but serve as the best way to protect your posters. By laying a handful of posters together on the floor and then rolling them as one, you can often fit a surprisingly high number of posters inside a single tube.

Room Labels

Part of being organized for a move includes labeling the exterior of each box with its intended destination room. Don't make the mistake of doing so with a permanent marker. It takes up valuable time and you'll often find yourself scrambling to find the marker, too. Instead, buy several sheets of room labels, which are commonly available at businesses that sell professional packing supplies. It takes just a second to apply a label and many businesses sell color-coded labels that will allow the movers (or your friends who are helping you) to identify where each box needs to go quickly and easily.

Clear Plastic Wrap

A couple rolls of clear plastic wrap instantly become a valuable ally for you and your helpers when you're packing for a move. It's not gummy like tape but several winds around any object can secure it with ease -- and without a mess. Plastic wrap is effective for protecting the surface of wooden furniture items, wrapping up small carpets and performing a long list of other duties as you pack.

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