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Information About On-Site Surveys Before Your Commercial Move

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If you are concerned over how a business move will impact your operations, you should consider having an on-site operational survey performed before the move. Commercial movers come to your place of employment and assess the extensiveness of your move. The commercial movers will also determine the best method to be used when transporting your assets. Then, the moving day will be much more efficient and less expensive.

What Happens During a Survey

The moving professional will walk you through everything that needs to be moved. The professional will mention whether there is a specific belonging that needs to be moved in a certain way. For example, there might be a specific way in which computers need to be packed to protect them. Also, if not all of the computers will be moved at once, the movers will need to know when which computers need to be moved.

The movers will need to understand your business operations so that they will understand whether they need to work around your business. You may have some employees remain behind to continue work until equipment has been set-up for your employees to then officially relocate to the new business. The commercial movers will need to understand exactly what they are to expect. Generally, the best time to move is on the weekend if you do not normally operate on weekends, but this may also be a very busy time for commercial movers.

Preparing Your Employees

Some commercial move companies will create informational packages that can be handed to employees so that they will be informed of what to expect and how to help make the moving process simpler. For example, employees should be instructed on not to move items that will be removed from the office on that day so these items can be easily located.

Consult with all of the department heads to determine what you will need for the move. That way, you can then ask these questions of the moving company representatives.

Why Phone Surveys Are Sub-Optimal

If you are not able to perform a survey at your establishment, the next best thing is a phone-survey. The downside of this approach is that it is easier to forget about important factors that might affect the move. For instance, if there is an area where it may be awkward to move a large printer, the mover may notice this if the survey is conducted within the building. However, any survey is better than no survey at all.