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Tips For Completing The Packing Process Quickly Before A Move

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If you're the type of person who doesn't overly enjoy the process of moving, it's a good idea to hire a moving crew. With these professionals on your side, the challenges of the day will be much easier for you to handle. While a moving service can also handle the duties of packing, you can save money by completing this task yourself. Packing up an entire house can be something that drags on for days, but the reality is that you can get the job done quickly by taking the right approach — and not be fussing with packing things when your movers arrive. Here are some tips for a quick packing process.

Throw Out Things Ahead Of Time

One of the simple ways to speed up the packing process is to reach a point that you're not deliberating over whether you should keep or throw out certain items as you begin to pack. These agonizing decisions, especially when you're working on a deadline, can be really onerous. In the weeks leading up to packing, go through your entire home and throw out the things that you no longer wish to keep. Sure, it will be challenging, but the packing process itself will be considerably quicker.

Get All Your Supplies In Advance

Never plan to buy your packing supplies on an as-needed basis. It's too easy to get discouraged and stop the packing process because you're out of tape or bubble wrap, for example. Instead, get all the supplies you'll need ahead of time and don't be afraid to buy more than you think you'll need; you can always return things afterward. It can also be useful to keep all the supplies in a specific area, such as a spare bedroom. This means that you'll never have to go hunting for them when they're needed, which can distract you from the task at hand.

Enlist The Help Of Others

For many people, packing is somewhat of an experience they prefer to do alone, perhaps because it can be challenging to make decisions about how and where to pack specific items. For this reason, some people make the mistake of turning down offers of help from friends and family. Don't make this mistake. Even if you want to be the one to place your items in their boxes, you can put your helpers to work with tasks that would otherwise eat up your time. For example, have someone label boxes as you pack them, tape boxes shut or carry boxes to a general collection point in your living room.

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